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Citrus is a genus comprising some 16 species of trees. The more-well-known species are lime, lemon, orange, Grape and Tangerine. lemon is called the tree of life because of its many medicinal properties, The leaf is rich in aromatic essence: limonene and linadol.
The rind contains 0.5% essence oil, which comprises limonene, coumarines and flavonoids. The juice contains vitamin BI,B2, and c, flavonoids and organic acids
A lot of research has been done on this plant. its medicinal properties are scientifically proven and recognized. This is one of the contributions modern science could make to help promote traditional medicine.
Rather than dismiss the claims of traditional medicine, science should use its complex technical apparatus to clinically verify these claims.
Below are some of the medical uses of lemon.Please note that whatever is said of lemon here is also true of the other citrus species, though to a lesser degree

Lemon leaf is sedative and antispasmodic.Those who suffer from insomnia, nervousness, and palpitation should soak five to seven leaves of lemon in a teacup of hot water and allow it to infuse for 15 minutes. The dosage is one cup two times daily.
Lemon leaf will serve as a good and better alternative to Valium and other synthetic sedatives,which by the way, have side effects.To get maximum result from lemon leaf, take the preparation daily for at least one month.Do not expect that your insomnia or nervousness would disappear overnight.
For migraine headache and asthma, soak two handfuls [a handful is the amount of dried or fresh lemon leaves you can hold within your fist] of fresh lemon leaves in one bottle (beer bottle) of hot water. Allow it infuse for 10 minutes.Drink two cups every night for two weeks.
This applies more particular to asthma patients. lemon leaf is also good for worms. For this prepare as for migraine and asthma above. The dosage is three cups every night for one week.

lemon rind is good remedy for lack of appetite, indigestion, constipation and typhoid fever .Add the rind of 10 Lemon to four litres of water and bring to boil. Take a cup three times daily.Like the leaf, lemon rind is a good worm expellant.

Lemon juice is an excellent remedy for scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin c. Vitamin c [ascorbic acid] is found in fruit and vegetables.Hence, scurvy is common among those whose diet is poor in fruits and vegetables.
Drink half a glass of lemon juice twice daily. You may sweeten it with honey if you wish. For indigestion, mix half of glass of lemon juice with half a glass of lemon juice with a half a glass of water and drink daily.
This stimulates the activity of the digestive organs and strengthens the system
Due to the presence of hesperidins, diosmine and other flavonoids, lemon juice and rind improves blood circulation and so are good for O edema, hemorrhoids, heart problems stroke and hypertension.
It is scientifically proven that lemon produces alkalinity of the system, thus cleansing and re-invigorating the system.
For tonsillitis and sore throat, mix half a cup of lemon juice with four dessertspoons of honey.Warm it on fire and use to gaggle every morning and night.
Lemon juice is very good for washing wounds. steep a piece of cotton wool in the raw juice and use to clean the wound.
Remember that lemon juice is best taken is not advisable to store lemon juice for a long time. A lot of people have developed a habit of taking vitamin tablets daily. What those people need to know is that fruits and vegetables are the best vitamins there are. lemon is a good source of vitamins.
Lemon juice is very good for kidney stones. citrate [citric acid salts], which are present in lemon, not only prevent formation of kidney stones, but also help dissolve them.
Drink half a cup of lemon juice two times daily.
You may dilute it with water or sweeten it with honey, depending on your taste.
An alternative lemon seeds and then grind into powder. Mix one teaspoons of the powder with two dessertspoons of honey, then lick daily for three weeks.
Never mistake the so- called bitter lemon soft drink for real lemon juice, far from it In fact, it is not good for the body as it contains carbonic gas and sugar.
For the treatment of arthritis, kidney stones, gout, constipation and hypertension, there is nothing as effective as the famous lemon therapy.lemon therapy is capable of rejuvenating the body system and clearing the body of all toxins and waste product, giving a feeling of well being and lightness.
Lemon therapy is indispensable in the treatment of cancer.
lemon therapy involves drinking the juices of lemon in the following way.
Take one lemon the first day. Increase it to two the next day. continue to add one extra lemon each day until the tenth day.Then begin to take them in the reserve order, subtracting one lemon each day.Please be sure to follow strictly the procedure above if you wish to apply lemon therapy. It is one of the natural therapies that have been scientifically proved to be curative. It is very important to apply the therapy as described above.
Ulcer patients should not apply lemon therapy, as it may aggravate their condition.
During lemon therapy one should drink as much water as possible and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.Solid food should be taken only a day. Considering the above mentioned medical values of lemon you would agree with me that lemon is indeed, a tree of life.